Zen Coolmax Mattress Topper

Zen Coolmax Mattress Topper

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At 5cm deep this memory foam topper offers a deep layer of comfort, transforming your mattress into the perfect place to sleep. The Topper comes complete with a cooling Coolmax cover.

The cooling fabric is made from unique fibres which allow air to permeate and reduce heat and moisture build up, meaning your body stays cool and dry throughout the night.

A memory foam topper provides comfort for your whole body during the night, meaning you can wake up feeling refreshed and free of any minor aches and pains. Memory foam also provides relief for your pressure points, which encourages healthy blood circulation, as well as reducing the need to toss and turn during the night, meaning a deeper and more restful sleep.

Manufactured in the UK with quality raw materials and detailed finishing, you can purchase your mattress topper with the confidence of a 12 month manufacturers warranty from one of the UK's leading memory foam mattress and topper manufacturers.