About Us


Welcome to The Bed Post. 


Our Story

Our journey began in 1983 when my family opened ‘Pine & Cane Barn ’ in a memorable tumbledown building in Brook Street, Kingston.


Not long after, we opened ‘Pine World’ in what was the iconic, art deco, studio 7 Cinema, this is also when we opened The Bed Post on Brighton Road in Surbiton.                                      


Pine World closed in 2000 and our focus has been on The Bed Post ever since, building a solid reputation as the go-to destination for independent advice on mattresses, beds, and bedroom accessories.  We pride ourselves on being a small, highly trusted team of sleep specialists, and, working as an independent puts us in quite a unique position.


We have the advantage of being able to give our customers bespoke recommendations based on what they need, without the restrictions of being tied to particular brands.

We can tailor our services but still compete with the big chains on price and customer satisfaction.

In a world where online shopping can dominate, we have to be very good at what we do. Where other retailers have expanded their product ranges, we continue to focus on helping our customers find the right bed for a good night’s sleep, which we do incredibly well.

Meet the Team

Lance (Co-founder)

Having worked in the family business since his teens (now over 35 Years!). Lance is one of our most experienced sleep experts, with unbeatable product knowledge and the expertise to help you find the most comfortable bed. 


Lorraine (Co-founder)

Lorraine Has worked in and around the business for over 25 years. She now leads the Curtains and Blinds side of the business at www.lorraineelizabeth.co.uk where customers can design and order tailored window dressings, fixtures, and fittings.

Matt (Manager)

Matt is a very experienced retailer, having worked with some of the bigger chains in the area. His extensive knowledge makes him a key adviser to our customers’ needs.

Dean (delivery Driver / General Assistant)

Dean works both in the store and out on the road delivering products.  His detailed product knowledge ensures he can assist customers with deliveries and product set-up.


Opening Times

Monday - Saturday 9 am - 5.30 pm

Closed Sunday


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