Harrison Bespoke Natural Mattress & Bed Range

Sleep is a wonderful thing. It restores, rejuvenates and plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Waking up rested and refreshed helps us start every day on a positive note.
Supporting you in luxurious comfort, night after night, there’s no better place for the perfect night’s sleep than a Bespoke Collection bed.
Here at The Bed Post we have 6 mattresses on the shop floor, all our mattresses have dual tensions for you to try and find the correct one for you and a perfect nights sleep.
Looking for a Harrison bed base?
Try out the Bed Visualiser, allowing you to see how the base type, storage options and headboard look in your chosen fabric.
Hand crafted to your specifications, the Bespoke Collection is a premium range with a mattress for every preference.
Featuring the most luxurious natural fillings and award-winning spring systems, these high-quality mattresses are all available in a choice of three different levels of support and tailor made to any size, to suit you.
For exceptional comfort throughout the year. Every Natural Seasonal Turn mattress benefits from a warm side with a cosy wool blend, and a cool side for summer, with a layer of moisture-absorbing blended cotton.

Cortec™ Pocket Springs

It all started with a thought. What if we could innovate a ground-breaking spring system that was entirely recyclable yet still offered superior comfort and support? The outcome was Cortec™ our innovative glue-free Eco-Spring™ system.

Our advanced Cortec™ core pocket springs provide the ultimate in stability, durability and luxurious support. The absence of glue allows the springs to work individually and contour with accuracy and precision for the ultimate in superior support.

They work in harmony with our pioneering in-house designed Micro springs, adapting to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and provide greater comfort and lumbar support.


Harrison beds don’t start life in a factory but on the Harrison Spinks farm. In 2009 they settled into a new home at the Harrison Spinks farm in North Yorkshire. It’s a 300-acre farm just 18 miles from the Leeds factory allowing them the freedom to do more things the way we wanted to.

It is there that they tend fertile fields of hemp and flax crops. These crops produce super absorbent fibres that help to absorb moisture from the mattress while you sleep, keeping you cool and dry. Harrison use zero pesticides to grow their crops. Instead these fibres are grown the way Harrison believe they should be: naturally. This greatly lessens the impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, which helps us and you rest easier.

Harrison have partnered with British Wool to launch a new scheme that traces the origin of the wool used in our mattresses from farm to our factory. The scheme allows consumers to fully understand where the wool in the products they are purchasing is from, and gives them peace of mind that the farmer has received a fair price for their wool.