Too hot to sleep? How to stay cool in bed.

Now that the weather has finally warmed up, we can enjoy the warm days. But the downside of these warm days is that we get muggy, sweaty nights.

If you’re like me, warm nights are a struggle. I get restless, uncomfortable and I’m always throwing the bed clothes off me only to pull them back on when I feel a bit chilly.

So for those who need some ideas on how to keep cool in bed I thought I would share some of my top tips below.

• Open windows – and doors – to create a draught.

• Keep curtains or blinds drawn during the day to keep the sun out.

• If you’ve got an attic, try opening the hatch. Hot air rises and this will give it somewhere to go.

• Do exercise earlier. Don’t do intense exercise in the few hours leading up to bedtime. It takes too long for your body to return to its normal temperature, and can keep you feeling hot and sticky in bed.

• Eat Earlier. Don’t eat the biggest meal of the day late in the evening. Digesting food raises your body temperature, so it’s better to eat big at lunch and have a lighter meal or snack in the evening.

• Get rid of the duvet and blankets – just use a quality cotton sheet. Or a duvet with a low tog rating.

• Wear light cotton nightwear. This is actually better than wearing nothing at all as natural fabric will absorb any perspiration.

• Have a cool shower or bath before bedtime to lower your core body temperature.

• Hydrate. Drink plenty of cold water during the evening and keep a glass by the bed.

• Avoid too much caffeine, alcohol or a big meal. They can all make you feel hot and steamy in the middle of the night through dehydration and over-active digestion.

• Put a hot water bottle filled with ice cold water in bed.

• Cool a pillow case in the fridge before bedtime.

• Use an electric fan – the remedy for 20% of people. If it’s really hot, put a tray of ice and a little water in front of the fan which will cool the air even more.

• Invest in an air conditioning unit.

• Next time you buy a new bed, look out for one that incorporates natural fibres which are breathable, cool and wick away moisture or new temperature regulating technology. And, if you share a bed, make sure it’s big enough for two people – there’s nothing worse than having two sweaty bodies sticking to each other!


Do you have any other tips to keep cool?  Please leave a comment below......

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