9 Ways to Transform Your Sleep Space and Improve Sleep Quality

We all crave comfort and care, and our beds deserve that love too. As the foundation for your dreams, your bed should welcome you at bedtime, support you through the night, and rejuvenate your spirit. If your bed is no longer providing that refuge, take time to re-evaluate your sleep space. With improving sleep quality in mind, here are some ways to rediscover the joy of your bed...

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Update your mattress to improve sleep quality 

While it may seem obvious, studies show that tens of thousands of people in the UK sleep on mattresses that are too old. Experts recommend replacing mattresses every 8 years to maintain comfort, hygiene and proper support for quality sleep. Research shows that sleeping on a new mattress results in better sleep quality with less tossing and turning. Our Mattress Guide provides helpful tips for choosing the ideal mattress to meet your needs.

Treat yourself to new bedding for improved sleep quality

Though it may seem obvious, many neglect changing worn bedding that no longer provides proper support and comfort. Lumpy or flat pillows fail to properly cradle the head and neck. Old duvets lose insulation and warmth over time. Replace bedding once fraying, texture changes, or bobbling appear, indicating excessive wear. New bedding enhances sleep comfort and hygiene.

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Add style and comfy accessories 

We all love cozy throws, scatter cushions, and fresh linens that bring warmth and comfort to the bedroom. A personalised, inviting space offers a delightful retreat from busy days and dark nights. Simple decor touches like soft bedding and plush pillows transform your bed into a happy, snug haven that makes you excited to relax and unwind. A comfortable, stylish bedroom renews your spirit and gives you a sense of security at the end of a long day.

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It's time to tidy up!

Your bedroom should be a calming space to unwind and rest. However, if it's cluttered with disorder, quality sleep becomes much less likely. Research shows that people sleeping in messy rooms tend to have more disrupted sleep. Taking a couple minutes to tidy your bed each morning prepares you for the day ahead and lets you return to a peaceful sanctuary at night.

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Give your furniture that much-needed makeover

If the furniture in your bedroom feels dated, inherited, or just used to fill space, consider giving your room a fresh new look. Opt for sturdy oak pieces that add warmth, or light, airy furniture that allows natural light to fill the space. Whatever style you choose, new bedroom furniture can transform the aesthetics and feel of your sleep space.

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Improve your sleep quality by utilising sleep tech

To fall back in love with your bed, consider using technology to enhance your sleep. Sleep tracking apps like Dreams analyse sleep phases, allowing you to choose melodies to help you fall asleep and wake up at optimal times for better sleep quality. From smart pyjamas to electronic eye masks, there are many tech solutions available to improve sleep.

Be careful with colour (tranquil tones only!)

The mood in your bedroom is largely influenced by the colours on your walls and in your decor. Certain hues evoke particular feelings—blue promotes relaxation and sleep, while yellow and green create a peaceful, zen-like atmosphere. According to Sleep.org, blue is ideal for restful sleep. A study found that 58% of people with blue bedrooms wake up happy, having slept longer than those with yellow, green or silver rooms. On the other hand, darker shades like purple, brown and charcoal grey can elicit negativity and sadness. Choosing the right bedroom colours can greatly impact your mood.

10 minutes of exercise a day, allows you to drift away…

If you have trouble falling asleep at night even though you don't feel tired, this tip is for you. You can rekindle your love for bedtime by associating bed with feeling sleepy. One way to ensure you are ready to fall asleep when getting into bed is to exercise or do yoga earlier in the day to relax your body. Just 10 minutes of physical activity per day can be enough to improve your sleep quality. This small change can make the difference between a restful night's sleep versus a disrupted one. Try walking instead of driving for short trips, going for a brief jog before your morning shower to wake up, or doing a short yoga sequence before bed to help you drift off peacefully.


Put to practice sleep relaxation techniques

Most people struggle to get a good night's sleep. According to a recent sleep survey, only 5% of respondents said they always wake up feeling refreshed. This is a problem we want to help fix. Put down your phone, relax your mind and body, and try one of these proven sleep relaxation techniques: The Military Sleep Method, the 4-7-8 breathing technique, or others. With practice, you're likely to find one that works wonders so you can restore your love of bedtime and wake up refreshed.

Your journey to transforming your sleep space and elevating the quality of your sleep begins with small yet impactful changes. From updating your mattress to indulging in new bedding, adding a touch of style and tidying up, to giving your furniture a makeover, these steps create an inviting sanctuary for rest. By prioritising the revitalisation of your sleep space, you pave the way for improved sleep quality and a more refreshed start each morning. How will you incorporate these tips into your own sleep routine for a more restful and revitalising night's sleep?



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