8 tips for buying a new mattress

1. Where should I buy a mattress?

Mattresses can be bought from shops or online.  We would always recommend visiting a shop, trying a few models before you buy and getting expert advice from the salesman.  Online is a great tool for research but there will be so much choice with all suppliers claiming to have the “best “mattress. When buying online you are buying a picture of a mattress, a price, somebody else’s description and maybe some reviews.  You are not buying comfort or support.  Although we do sell mattresses online we would always highly recommend going into your local mattress specialist shop to have a lie down to feel the different levels of comfort.

 2. How should my mattress feel ?

 The biggest misconception when buying mattress is that a firm mattress is better for your back, A mattress is a personal choice and should fit your body shape, size and weight. There is no one mattress fits all. A mattress should give in all the right places to contour to the shape of your body and give you the correct level of support.

 3. How firm should my mattress feel?

 We recommend that a mattress should not be bought on its firmness but on its comfort and support.  A mattress is designed to give and a mattress should give in all the right places to give to the correct level of support. Firmness ratings vary between suppliers with one manufacturers firm feel mattress feeling like another’s medium feel.  A supplier can have 2 “medium” mattresses  that could feel totally different depending on the construction  This is why we would always recommend testing a few different models before buying.

4. Size matters !

 You could have the most expensive luxurious mattress available but if it is too small and especially if you sleep with a partner this could make for a degraded nights sleep.  When buying a new mattress, consider getting the biggest that would fit in your room.

5. Take your time.

Buying a mattress should not be a rushed decision. It’s tempting to make a snap decision based on time or finance, but selecting a correctly supportive and comfortable mattress could  seriously improve your health. Your bed, after all, it’s the most used piece of furniture you’ll buy, even one of the most used items in your life!  Be sure to spend time and attention choosing a bed that is right for you!  Try a few models for comparison. Go away and go back to the shop and try again on a different day.  Spend as long as you can on the mattress and let your body relax into the mattress.  Never rush your decision.

6. Try not to feel self-conscious.

When testing mattresses, relax, – you need to find the right one, so get into your favourite sleeping positions, move around – don’t be shy! Wear clothing you’re happy to lie down in and remove outer garments including shoes, which hinder the “feel”.

7. Don’t believe the hype!

 Try not to get overwhelmed with specifications  / fillings / springs / foams / gels / technology.  A mattress is a fairly simple thing,  a sleeping platform.  This platform  should be of a good build quality that will last for many years. It needs to give you comfort and the support you need.  Sometimes looking to deeply into to technical specifications can get confusing.

 8. How much should I spend?

 We would advise  to buy the most comfortable mattress you can afford, and the bed frame or divan you like. Most good quality mattresses will last longer than 10 years. That’s a minimum of 3,650 night’s sleep, or if you spend £1000 on a mattress, less than 30p per night. We think a good night’s sleep is worth every penny as it can effect your whole lifestyle and wellbeing.

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