Zefiro Hybrid Microfibre Pillow

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    Each Zerifo microfibre pillow is handmade by specialized artisans, merging traditional materials with modern components, for superior comfort, resilience, and personalized support.

    Each Zefiro pillow contains 60 pocketed coils that adapt and respond independently to weight, shape, and movement. Compression and expansion means air is constantly circulating within the pillow, moving warm air away from the sleeper and pulling it into larger unused pockets. Each pillow contains a dynamic air cushion that encloses 9 liters (2.4 gallons) of air.

    Zefiro pillows are individually embroidered, and are wrapped in  fluffy hybrid microfibre

    Available in soft or firm.

    Key Benefits

    • Pocketed coil system
    • 100% cotton jersey cover
    • 100% Handmade
    • Head & neck alignment
    • Increased airflow
    • Active contour