Salus i plus - Absolute Luxury 1500 Mattress

Salus i plus - Absolute Luxury 1500 Mattress

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The new i-plus pressure relieving layer, works in harmony with 1500 individual pocket springs to provide a responsive, pressure relieving and supportive sleeping surface,  promoting better quality sleep with all the attendant health and wellbeing benefits this brings.  ESP (Engineered Protection System) helps to maximise the sleeping area by locking in the latest spring technology.

Features include:

  • Medium feel Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress
  • Deep layer of pressure relieving Memory Foam
  • 1500 individual Pocket Springs encased in High Density Foam
  • Head to toe and edge to edge support
  • No turn mattress
  • 10 year guarantee

Delivery 2-3 weeks

The luxurious 4-way stretch quilted cover with the Adaptive® technology treatment responds dynamically to enhance the evaporation of the mattress covering material. During sleep the body is constantly emitting warmth and humidity. The ability of the bedding, especially immediately below the body, to deal with the warmth and humidity is essential for recuperative sleep. Adaptive® wicks away moisture, and combined with the added evaporation helps create a cool and dry sleep environment. Adaptive® also has a positive effect on the softness of the fabric.

Adaptive® Cool and Dry, All night every night - How does it work?

Dynamic Cooling - Dynamic Moisture Management - Dynamic Comfort

Being in an environment which is too warm and high in humidity are the two main results of an uncomfortable microclimate inside the bed. Adaptive® tackles both of these problems by introducing a dynamic treatment to sleep cool and dry, all night, every night!