MLILY Bamboo Memory 1000 Mattress

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The Bamboo Memory 1000 Mattress introduces all of the health-enhancing benefits of Bamboo Charcoal infused Flex Comfort Foam.
Not only does this bed adapt to your body’s individual pressure points, but the properties of Bamboo help to regulate moisture and odor, keeping away dust mites and other pesky micro-organisms. The interior is lined with 1000 special High-Low springs, providing firmer support at your core while adapting to the rest of your body’s curve.
The result: a healthier, more complete night’s sleep and a better you.

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  • Medium - Firm  Feel
  • 26.5cm deep
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Bamboo Charcoal Flex Comfort Foam Pocket Springs Aero-Flex Border

1. Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam
2. Flex Comfort Foam
3. 1000 Hi-Low Performance Pocket Springs
4. Aero-Flex Support Border
5. Adaptive Support Foam