Emma Shipley SOHO Extinct Pink Chair

Emma Shipley SOHO Extinct Pink Chair

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The soft pinks and greys of the Extinct cotton satin on the back of the chair coordinate beautifully with the charcoal buttoned front. The hand-drawn design features extinct creatures and anatomical drawings from the ice age.

Delivery 3-4 weeks

NB: The pattern layout may vary between chairs. Each piece is handmade in the UK.

Emma J Shipley is a graphic artist and designer specialising in imaginative and magical pencil drawings, turned into luxury furniture for your home in a collaboration with fashion house Clarke & Clarke.

Emma describes the collection as, " Taking the viewer on an enchanting journey, discovering new species and curious beasts in a maximalist jungle environment. With designs taken form my original detailed pencil drawings, and inspired trips to the Amazon, Africa and the far east, I want to evoke a feeling of wonder and exploration. I'm so excited to be launching the furniture range".