Dreamworks Ascot Mattress

Dreamworks Ascot Mattress

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    The Ascot mattress features a firm, heavy gauge deep spring unit with double heat treated springs to retain height and shape. It is rod-edged for longevity and edge to edge support. The Ascot features double super-soft white fibre layer and multilayer luxury upholstery laid over a flexible spring insulator. The mattress is hand tufted with felt collars, features flag stitched handles and padded and machined fluted borders.
    • Firm Springing
    • Double Sided Mattress
    • Multi Layer Upholstery & White Fibre
    • Ultra Fresh™ Treated Ticking Offering Protection from Dust Mites, Allergies & Fungal Growth
    • Hand Tufted
    • Padded & Machine Fluted Borders
    • Flag Stitched Handles
    • 7-14 day delivery

    Available as 75cm, 90cm. 120cm, 135cm, 150cm & 180 cm widths