Modular Beds are Perfect for Children

Children’s needs change as they grow, so parents need a bed and bedroom furniture solution that fulfils their needs for as long as possible, does what you want and looks cool. Bedroom furniture for children needs to be safe, functional and fun. Modular furniture ticks all the boxes because you can switch around the pieces, create a custom look and avoid wasting space. If you move house, modular furniture is practical as you can reconfigure it to your needs and make it as compact as you wish.

One great brand is the Scallywag bed range which starts at toddler stage and evolves from there! You begin with a starter bed, with removable safety rails, and grow the set as your child grows. Next, you convert to the ‘Cabin’ bed which has a short ladder and stores shelves, drawers or cupboard underneath. A range of different furniture comes as optional extras depending on your needs. As the child grows, you go higher with the ‘High Sleeper’ under which you can put a wardrobe and desk. This has a stable, fixed ladder, and can include a bookshelf, chest of drawers, storage cupboards (with lockable castors) and many more items to add to your child’s set as they mature.

Some bed styles, such as the ‘Captain’s’ bed, incorporate cupboards underneath the bed and sliding doors keep everything tucked away safely. Other options include having a bunk bed, sofa and futon for sleepovers. From the first bed to the teenage years, your child can have everything they need with modular furniture.

The fun part of the modular furniture is that your child can be king of the castle every night and climb into the top bunk! And when they have toys to play with or homework to do, they have their own den underneath to create their own sense of personal space. The different storage options mean that it is easier for them to keep everything tidier and in one place and they have all their things literally around them, within easy reach. The desk is invaluable. Normally a large area is required for a desk, but this can tuck neatly underneath the High Sleeper if you have little space. Now your child can use it to build lego on, draw, do homework, read or play on a computer.

When your son or daughter looks at new bedroom furniture they probably head straight for the one in their favourite colour, and one range, Cresta Scallywag has several cool colours from lime, plum, white, honey pine and chocolate and much more. It is wise to stick to a neutral design so they don’t go out of fashion. Keeping to plain but bold colours means you can easily keep it in style for longer and match it easily with your overall bedroom design and accessories.

Modular bedroom furniture is a flexible, practical and economical way to go. It’s good to give children some choice in what they have, as their bedroom is such an important place for them, but this kind of modular furniture is a choice that practical parents would choose.

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