Mattresses – Our Experts Say…

People can make mistakes when choosing a mattress because they often believe that the harder a mattress, the better the support. This is a misconception. The mattress support under your body needs to be spread equally. There will be areas in the mattress that, due to differing pressure upon it, need more ‘give’, for example, under the lower back, so that other areas of the body are also given adequate support. Your body is not a flat board and everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.

Your blood circulation while you sleep is vital. If you have parts of your body, for example, your heels or arms, which become numb in the night, then it could be that it’s time to change your mattress.

We have 25 years of experience and know all the pitfalls and myths of mattress buying. We regularly speak to physiotherapists and chiropractors to discover the latest wisdom on the physiological aspects of sleep.

Our experienced staff can show you the best mattress to suit your needs. This expert advice really can help you sleep at night. Come into our shop in Surbiton, Surrey, and try the mattresses out for yourself.

Harrison Bed Tailor
We offer the Harrison Bed Tailor range which means your mattress can be tailored exactly to your needs. Any width, any length, and the choice of three tensions. All these mattresses come with high spring counts and all-natural upholstery fillings.

Types of Mattresses
We have over 30 mattresses on display in store ready for you to try out. We supply most brands of mattresses from the cheaper brands to quality names such as Harrison, Health Beds, Breasley, Dreamworks, Durabeds and Salus. Mattress types range from multi-pocket-sprung, naturally filled mattresses, memory foam, latex and mattress toppers. Next day delivery is available and we can dispose of your old mattresses upon delivery of your new one. Free delivery is also available depending on location.

A quality mattress should last 10 years. It’s a good idea to replace your mattress regularly to retain hygiene and good support.

Sweet dreams from the experts, Lance and Robin at The Bed Post.