I Love Sleep!

Valentine’s Day might send you rushing out to buy a card or gift for the one you love. But you could be forgetting the most important gift of all: a comfy bed. After all, the bed, for most of us, is the centre of our love lives and if your bed is an old squeaky relic of the past with a lumpy, musty mattress and deflated pillows then you need a change!

At The Bed Post this Valentine’s we are committed to improving your love life. We can look at the foundations: the mattress, bed and pillows and also the romantic treats: beautiful linens, throws and cushions.

A good night’s sleep can improve your emotional well-being. As we age, the amount and type of sleep we have changes, and many people are not getting enough deep sleep. This has many causes, such as fretting, temporary or long-term stress, sleep apnoea, physical pain, urinary issues, use of stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and drugs or medicine.

Everyone’s causes vary but a vicious circle of poor sleep and stress can persist long after the original problems have gone. Here are 4 vital changes you can make to your bedroom to improve your sleep:

* Ensure your bed is comfortable and not too hot. Even small fluctuations in body temperature can lead to sleep disturbance.

* Your mattress should be comfortable and give the correct level of support.

* Your bedroom should be dark, cool and unstimulating. Control the morning light that enters your room: you may need more or less.

* Reduce noise during the night, even if you think you have become used to it. Try ear plugs, adding fabrics, upholstery and carpets to your room, improving window seals or using ‘white noise’.

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Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year and remember: never go to bed angry with your partner. Stay up and fight!