Great Sleep…Naturally

Natural fibres provide the most effective and environmentally friendly fillings for your mattress.

At the Bed Post, we supply Harrison, Bed Tailor mattresses and divan sets. Harrison’s dedication to crafting beautiful beds extends to rearing sheep for their wool at their own farm, and growing Hemp, a natural fibre that makes a strong and absorbent mattress filling. Using only locally sourced wool, Harrison is affiliated to the British Wool Marketing Board and are proud to support HRH The Prince of Wales in The Campaign for Wool, promoting British Wool and leading to increased demand for wool from British farmers.

Harrison has developed a number of features in their Natural Range that can improve the quality of your sleeping environment:

Warm side/Cool side Technology: The Warm for Winter wool blends on one sleeping surface and Cool for Summer cotton blends on the other offer all year round comfort.
HD Airflow: This hi-tech ventilated pocket-sprung surface is designed to generate a bellow effect within the mattress, directing airflow into the natural fillings, keeping your mattress dry and cool.
Purotex: Designed to create a healthy sleeping environment. The Damask cover is finished with a natural probiotic microflora that neutralises allergens and suppresses bad bacteria.

The Benefits of Natural Fillings

Harrison sheep yield pure grade Wool which is thick, strong and resilient; a natural insulator, perfect for mattress fillings. By blending Wool with Cashmere, Mohair, Cotton, Silk and Hemp we can create layers of the finest natural fillings which allow your mattress to breathe, absorb moisture and regulate body temperature.

These mattress fillings are sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
To complement the pure new Wool, Harrison has developed Hempure, a blend of Hemp and either Wool or Cashmere Hair. Hemp is grown without pesticides, absorbs carbon dioxide, which helps Hempure contribute to reversing climate change.

Luxurious comfort from using the finest natural materials combined with innovative design and the latest technology ensure the ultimate sleeping experience – any width, any length, any height and even a choice of firmness.

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