Back Support for a Restful Night

The Right Support

A restful night is achieved by sleeping on a bed which correctly supports your body.
The award wining Revolution ® spring within a spring design can only be found at Harrison beds. This larger pocket spring with a smaller spring nestling inside provides additional tension when more pressure is applied meaning you get the right amount of extra support where and when it is needed.

Layers of Posturfil and HD springs allow the mattress to respond to the size, weight and sleeping patterns pf each individual, giving perfect spinal alignment. A pre-requisite to a comfortable night’s sleep.

Choices as Individual as You

A bed specifically tailored to your exact requirements is essential to restful sleep and your own personal sense of wellbeing. Using innovative bed design alongside our time honoured traditional approach and natural, breathable upholstery layers; Harrison have created a range of beds that provide a better quality of sleep with seemingly endless options that allow you to specify your own exact personal requirements; a truly bespoke service.

Luxurious comfort from using the finest natural materials combined with innovative design and the latest technology ensure the ultimate sleeping experience – any width, any length, any height and even a choice of firmness.

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